Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Marie-Therese Gown GIVEAWAY

Oh my how very lovely! This incredible costume is being given way. To find out more click over to the Marie-Therese Gown GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

While you are there check out this lovely blog: Grosgrain. She has bi-weekly giveaways with the most fabulous dresses and costumes!

She says "this was by far the most ambitious dress I've ever sewn. After this, I have fewer qualms about sewing a wedding gown. With all the man hours I put into the gown itself, not withstanding the fabric, I would say this gown is worth $500....if my time was worth $15 an hour. You can do the math. Like I said...ambitious. At least I knew what I was getting into from the beginning."

Tigerlily and I are duly impressed by your handiwork!

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