Saturday, October 18, 2008

Farm visit for Pumpkins

Tigerlily was over joyed by our visit to Lee Farms. We checked out the Chickens, Pigs (and piglets), Calfs, Horses, Turkeysonies, and Ponies. Rode in a hay trailer behind a tractor "with a real farmer" driving it. She was quite delighted to meet "real" farmers, it wasn't until mid-hayride that i realized it was because we play farm at home with a "toy" farmer and "toy" animals.
Real farmers they sure are! For six generations they have worked the land and today, three generations are actively involved in their farming operations. We felt blessed to be buying local, and getting to experience a bit of farm culture. Tigerlily was so enchanted by the wee Christmas trees we may have another adventure there in our near future!

Then we picked pumpkins! We also learned all about types of pumpkins and which ones make awe inspiring pie! It was an all around treat of the season!


kim* said...

oooh looks fun! i wonder how many different pumpkins there are. i know orange and white...

Drew of Fairy Tale Fibers said...

Well there's the orange ones we are all familiar with. The white ones are called Cinderella, good for baking. Then there are greenish ones called Valencia, they are super sweet! Also there is the Long Island Cheese Wheel it's kinda yellowish white and flater then it's orange relative. It's a perfect combo of hearty and sweet!...Yes I was listening intently.