Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Howloween!!

Halloween is a bit different for us this year. We are making up new traditions and having a howling good time doing it!

The Oregon Zoo had a Howlaween celebration. They also had a awesome pumpkin crawl…

To the left there’s Tigerlily and Grandma Dewey with one of the amazing sculpted pumpkins.

Tigerlily and I always get a kick out of the ride-ons at the zoo!

I am the proudest Momma ever! Tigerlily received a “Sucker” (it’s not a lollipop MOM it’s a suker” from Sunflower House. I said she “may eat it, however you can not jump with a sucker in your mouth, because t could really hurt you.” So Tigerlily went into the kitchen climbed up in a chair and sat at the table to eat it (with out anyone telling her to)!

Then when we were photographing her pumpkins she started threading wooden beads onto the leaves. She is an excellent little maker! I am a very happy momma.

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