Wednesday, January 28, 2009

SewnAgain Sustainable Etsy Find

We would like to share a fresh sustainable Etsy find: Soap Totes by SewnAgain!
No more soggy soap with these soap travel handbags. Inner fold-out mesh pocket allows soap to dry completely before zipping it up for travel. Loop allows hooking onto a faucet, hook in the shower stall, or near by branch, creating a portable soap dish.

Crafted out of upcycled billboard vinyl and laundry mesh bag material. SewnAgain has really applied her creativity to designing a stylish, functional and sustainable bag!
SewnAgain likes "to create something new out of our culture's discard pile." We Love her for it!
To discover more about SewnAgain check out her Etsy shop, and treat yourself to a view of her Utube videos.
Take a peak at what's up and comming on her blog:
She also twitters by the name of SewnAgain!
By the way she ships worldwide, and at NO COST to homes in Canada and the US!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Special Delivery Cards are what we are making!

Tigerlily and I spent the morning making Valentines. This is her favorite activity this month.

We found a great place to send them to: Etsy Special Delivery! Etsy folk are going to be delivering healthy meals and handmade valentines to thousands of homebound elderly New Yorkers this Valentines day!
Check out this article in the Storque about how to get involved:

As we made this card we imbued them with warmth, love, and well wishes! We hope they make someone happy to receive! It's made of paintings by Tigerlily and stamped by three year old hands.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Colors!

The mill has re-opened and I have recieved some amazing new colors! Here's a sneak peak at what is soon to come to the Etsy Shop!
Woodland Wool- This colorway is variegated Chocolate Brown, Tan, Black, Sage Green, and Cream. There is a fuzzy short hair which works up to make a medium weight hood and can be seen in this listing. There is also a long hair furry version that works up super wild and warm.

Almond Wool - This colorway is a mix of Cream and very light Tan, it reminds me of almond meat. It's soft, light weight, fuzzy, short hair. It works up to have stand up attitude and can be seen as the trim in this listing.

Sand and Sea Wool- This colorway is variegated Navy Blue, Bright blue, Slate Blue, and Sandy Tan. There is a Wild, Furry, super soft, long hair that works up thick and warm and can be seen in this listing. There is also a Fuzzy, Soft, short hair that works to a medium weight and can be seen in this listing.

Architect's Dance Wool- This colorway is variegated Red, Chocolate Brown, and Black, flecked with Yellow. There is a soft, fuzzy, short hair version and a Soft, Furry, long hair version.

LinkBloom Wool- This colorway is variegated Rose, Green, Dark Brown, and
There is a short hair and a medium length hair. It's woolier and sturdier for daily use, yet light-medium weight. This colorway can be seen in this listing.

Zebra Wool- This colorway is mixed Black and White. There is a short hair and a medium length hair.

Faerie Field Wool- This colorway is variegated Green, and Black with flecks of burnt Orange, Red, and Yellow. There is a soft, furry, long hair and a soft, fuzzy, short hair version. You can see the short hair version in this listing.

Indigo Tan Wool- This colorway is Deep Indigo Blue flecked with Tan. There is a soft, furry, long hair which works up wild and warm. There is also a soft, fuzzy, short hair which makes a lighter wight hood for all season wear!

Rain Dreams Wool- This colorway is variegated Bright Blue, pale Blue, Gray, Black and White flecked with Red. It's woolly, and a sturdy for every day use! There is a Furry, long hair version and a fuzzy short hair version.

Moss and Stream Wool- This color way is a patchy moss Green and a bright Blue. It's a sturdy and woolly in texture, perfect for outdoor adventures. There is a fuzzy, short hair version and a Furry long hair version. You can see the long hair version in the hat part of this listing.

I also received a small quantity of that elusive soft Moss Green! As seen in the first picture above. I'll be contacting the waiting list folks first, then it will be up for custom orders!

You can place custom orders by clicking here and placing an order though Etsy's Alchemy process!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

:::rikrak::: Sustainable Etsy Find

::: rikrak is the home of handmade one-of-a-kind and limited edition
upcycled vintage fabric creations, & fabulous new felt goodies! :::We would like to share one of our favorite sustainable finds: :::rikrak:::
Kristal of makes a wide selection of eco-forward goodies!
The item I use the most is a wee sustainable card cozy. It’s just the right size for my necessary cards and fits keenly into my inside coat pocket, when I’m not in need of my thick ‘ol wallet. It would also make perfect reusable wrapping for a gift card!

Tigerlily is quite enamored with her iron on patches. She has a wide selection of vintage fabric patches to customize anything! We love her birds and bats. Tigerlily is eyeing the hearts for Valentines Day (which she has proclaimed her new favorite holiday).

Kristal herself is a delight. She approaches the world with joy. Kristal has exceptional communication skills. She is an awesome seller to work with. The pleasantly professional way she approaches her business shop is a breath of fresh air. The :::rikrak::: shop policies are complete and easy to navigate. The shipping is quick, and the packaging eco-friendly.

Here's what she has to say about sustainable design "I'm a great fan of sustainable living and sustainable creating. Using beautiful vintage textiles in my work is one of the many ways I try to incorporate ecoforward thinking in my little business. When using vintage fabrics, I only choose textiles in excellent condition. Each piece is fresh and bright and clean."

Tigerlily and I think the world is brighter because Kristal is making eco-forward designs and selling sustainable goodies on Etsy!

To discover more about :::rikrak::: check out her Etsy shop, and treat yourself to a click through her flickr:
By the way she ships worldwide, really could find a better way to buy handmade!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What we are making

Tigerlily and I enjoy making thank you cards to include with hoods! She picks the cardstock and adds the stamps. I write in a note about how glad we are this hood has found a happy head. Above is a picture of our latest design!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009!

May it be a year full of wonder and woven dreams. May we achieve our goals, and remember our gratitude.
Lots of Love,
Drew and Tigerlily