Wednesday, January 28, 2009

SewnAgain Sustainable Etsy Find

We would like to share a fresh sustainable Etsy find: Soap Totes by SewnAgain!
No more soggy soap with these soap travel handbags. Inner fold-out mesh pocket allows soap to dry completely before zipping it up for travel. Loop allows hooking onto a faucet, hook in the shower stall, or near by branch, creating a portable soap dish.

Crafted out of upcycled billboard vinyl and laundry mesh bag material. SewnAgain has really applied her creativity to designing a stylish, functional and sustainable bag!
SewnAgain likes "to create something new out of our culture's discard pile." We Love her for it!
To discover more about SewnAgain check out her Etsy shop, and treat yourself to a view of her Utube videos.
Take a peak at what's up and comming on her blog:
She also twitters by the name of SewnAgain!
By the way she ships worldwide, and at NO COST to homes in Canada and the US!


Rudy said...

Good morning??
I'm from East Java, Indonesia, have you ever came to my country??
I'm sorry if my english language is not so god???
Please enjoy to my blog,ok?

SewnAgain said...

Thanks so much for featuring my soap totes! They look nice on your blog!
Regards, Alison