Saturday, December 27, 2008

Goals for positive living in 2009

Life is uncertain. 2008 taught me that more then any other year. Here and now is a blessing, take nothing for granted. A positive thought and conscious action toward the desired future can brighten the here and now considerably!
As one calendar year turns to another I’m searching myself for my goals.
How does one set goals effectively?

I’m thinking these simple 5 things might help us all set attainable goals:

1. Set goals that are consistent with your values. Really think through weather you want what ever you are about to work for, or if it’s just something that looks good from a distance. Make sure your goals do not contradict each other.
2. Be positive! Make goals that will enrich your life word them that way too.
3. Set performance based goals. For example, I have power over how many hoods I make in a month; I cannot control how many sell in a month.
4. Get specific. Make precise goals with dates, and amounts.
5. Write them down. Refer to them regularly.

Here are my goals for this blog in 2009:
1 post per week about Tigerlily’s antics and stories
1 post per week about what we are making
1 poem or inspirational post per month
2 posts per month about Etsy sellers who practice green living and make quality sustainable products
2 posts per month about sustainable living…
2 posts per month about folks making the world a bit more wonderful!!

What goals are you setting for 2009? Please comment with 5 goals you have set for the coming year!

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